ADVS Series

ADVS Series
High Volume and Non-Clogging 2 poles Motor

* Semi-Vortex impeller:offers non-clog operation with high pumping efficiency and allows pumping the waste water containing impurities under 70% of the discharge size.
* Easy Maintenance:For the semi-vortex design with no strainer or close tolerance suction cover, only 3 or 4 bolts need to be removed for quick and easy maintenance.
* Double Mechanical Seal in Oil Chamber provides strong and reliable shaft sealing.
* Protector:Quick acting dual response provides protection against overload.
* Automatic Operation:Equipped with float switch and control box is optional.

OUTPUT 1~5 HP , 0.75~3.7 KW
OUTLET 50 ~ 80 mm , 2"~3"
RATED H 11.2~10.4 (M), Q 200~820 (l/m)
MAXIMUM H 13.5~21 (M), Q 35~140 (l/m)
DIMENSION 250~280L X 172~233W X 400~723H(mm)

ADVS Instruction